Zinc Recycling
Zinc Recycling

Zinc recycling

Moxba B.V. is a global specialist in recycling petrochemical and pharmaceutical spent catalyst that contain metals into products. We provide Full-Loop Recycling. Within our own recycling chain all processes are handled by a highly experienced MOXBA team. Spent catalyst is converted into products with both ecological and economic value. We process:

• NiMo
• Nickel Molybdenum

• CoMo
• Cobalt Molybdenum

• NiMoV
• Nickel Molybdenum Vanadium

• Ni
• Nickel

• Nickel ring
• Nickel reforming
• NiW
• Nickel Tungsten
• Hydrocracking

• NiMoW
• Nickel Molybdenum Tungsten

• CuZn
• Copper Zinc
• Cu
• Copper

• Zn
• Zinc

• V
• Vanadium
• Vanadium phosphor
• Vanadium ashes

• Denox

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      Your catalyst in recycling

      With a head office in the Netherlands, we operate plants on three continents; Europe, South America and Asia. We offer Total-Solution services all over the world. MOXBA is an experienced recycler and a reliable partner. Let us recycle your waste, so that you can fully focus on your core operations.

      • Network in >50 countries

      • Able to recover a wide range of metals

      • In the recycling business since 1974

      • Both a recycler and a producer

      • Long-term relationships with customers

      • Environmentally friendly

      • Advancing the circular economy