Sustainable Packaging


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As a full-service company we take full responsibility for each step in the process.
As a full-service company we take full responsibility for each step in the process.

That’s why we can offer the use of our
reusable bins for handling and transporting your spent catalysts. Read all about our sustainable packaging.


Safer, easier,
and more efficient

Our catalyst bins are the perfect sustainable packaging option for your catalysts. These reusable bins are custom- made for handling and transportation of spent catalysts. And they’re safer, and more efficient to use than the more frequently used drums or big bags. Being made of 3mm carbon steel, they’re made to last. They’re suitable for dry and wet catalysts, don’t have a bottom unloader, and are 100% leak tight. They have a capacity of 2000 liters and have a tare weight of 550kg. They’re also a lot safer: one bin is as big as eleven drums, which means less handling and on-site movement. Next to that, they’re stackable so easier to be picked up by a forklift. The bins open and close from the side, so there’s no need to be working at height which reduces the risk of falling. These are just a few of the many advantages.

Just one part of our sustainable process

Our sustainable packaging is just a part of our whole sustainable process. Next to using reusable bins, we also reduce our carbon footprint by choosing the right technologies at our plants and use sustainable energy sources. The alloy we produce also helps steel-mills in lowering their carbon footprint when producing Green Steel.

Fully compliant packaging

Giving you the specs:

As you can see, our sustainable packaging has all the right licenses and certifications. Moxba using these reusable bins, means that you save cost by fully utilizing space in trucks and 20’/40’ containers, and reduce the CO2 footprint of your logistics chain.

A sustainable
one stop shop

As you can read, working with Moxba means working on a greener future. In a world where being more sustainable is a priority for many organizations, choosing us brings you one step closer to your goals. Read more about our sustainable one stop shop.